What is IPv6 Only VPS Server? How to connect to IPv6 Only VPS Server? FAQ about IPv6 Only VPS Servers.

What is IPv6 Only VPS Server?
As addition to our regular VPS Servers we offer new, special IPv6 Only VPS Servers, which is much cheaper than regular IPv4 enabled VPS Servers.
IPv6 Only VPS Server is VPS Server without IPv4 address assigned. This kind of server has only IPv6 addresses assigned. To connect to this VPS you need to use pure IPv6 connection (connect from already enabled IPv6 local computer or server/system).
Our EX range servers is IPv6 Only VPS servers.

How to connect to IPv6 Only VPS Server from IPv4 address space?
Not all our customers have pure IPv6 connection available in their local Internet provider, so with every IPv6 Only VPS Server we offer free IPv4 to IPv6 SSH tunneling service.
IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling service allows to access pure IPv6 VPS Server SSH connection from IPv4 address space.
You can find IPv4 address (hostname) and port number for IPv4 SSH connection in your service details email which you have received when your service was activated. Also, you can find IPv4 address (hostname) and port number for IPv4 SSH connection inside your client area in IPv6 Only VPS Server details page.
To connect to to your VPS from IPv4 via tunneling, you need to enter provided address/hostname and port number in your SSH client program (like PuTTY or WinSCP). Then all IPv4<=>IPv6 SSH connection traffic goes via our tunneling service and you will be able to access your IPv6 VPS from IPv4 address space.

Can I host website in my Ipv6 Only VPS Server which will be accessable from IPv4 address space as ordinary website?
Yes, you can! You can use free CloudFlare CDN to enable IPv4 access to your website hosted in IPv6 Only VPS Server. To do this, just configure your HTTPD service (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd or other) to listen to IPv6 address, then open free account with CloudFlare here https://www.cloudflare.com/a/sign-up Add your website domain and change your domain nameservers to CloudFlare nameservers. Then point your website to your IPv6 Only VPS IPv6 address to which your HTTPD service is listening by adding AAAA DNS records for your domain with your VPS IPv6 address in CloudFlare DNS service. In this way all your website visitors with IPv4 and IPv6 local addresses will be able to access your website hosted in IPv6 Only VPS Server!
You can use the following help and tutorials provided by CloudFlare to get started:
Please make sure, that local ip6tables firewall inside your VPS is not blocking any traffic or ports to/from your VPS Server.
You can clear all ipv6tables firewall rules by issuing commands as root inside your VPS shell:
ip6tables --flush FORWARD
ip6tables --flush INPUT
ip6tables -F
ip6tables -X
service ip6tables save

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