We have very limited offer: New Bulgaria VPS X0BG just from 1.45EUR/month price (with promotional discount for new customers) while stock lasts.
New X0BG VPS specification - 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB HDD. Regular price 2.90EUR/month.
One time -50% discount is available for a first VPS first payment for new customers with discount code NEWCUSTOMER
You can order new VPS here: https://www.cinfu.com/vps#BULGARIA_VPS
Additional offer conditions:

- This offer is valid only for new ordered X0BG VPS Servers.
- There is limited number of X0BG VPS available and this offer is valid only while stock lasts.
- Minimal billing period 3 months.
- X0BG VPS cannot be moved/transferred to different country/location.
- Additional recurring discounts is valid for longer billing periods: 1 year = -5% recurring discount, 2 years = -10% recurring discounts, 3 years = -20% recurring discounts.

Monday, February 19, 2024

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