As an addition to our budget VPS Servers range we now offer New IPv6 Only VPS Servers EX0DE-EX8DE (pure IPv6) with introductional prices just from 0.99EUR/month!
IPv6 Only VPS Server is VPS Server without IPv4 address assigned. This kind of server has only IPv6 addresses assigned. To connect to this VPS you need to use pure IPv6 connection (connect from already enabled IPv6 local computer or server/system).
As we understand that not all our customers have pure IPv6 connection available with their local Internet provider, so with every IPv6 Only VPS Server we offer free IPv4 to IPv6 SSH tunneling service.
IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling service allows to access pure IPv6 VPS Server SSH connection from IPv4 address space.

Please check our Germany IPv6 Only VPS Servers offer here:

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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