Oct 11th New VPS servers in now available in France with more RAM and lower prices!

We are pleased to announce new VPS servers in France: New France VPS servers: X1FR - 1GB RAM - 50GB HDD - 1x3GHz CPU - 1 IPv4 - 5 and more IPv6 - 3.90EUR/monthX2FR - 2GB RAM - 100GB HDD - 2x3GHz CPU - 1 IPv4 - 5 and more IPv6 - 6.90EUR/monthX3FR - 3GB RAM - 150GB HDD - 2x3GHz CPU - 1 IPv4 - 5 and more IPv6 - 9.40EUR/monthX4FR - 4GB RAM - 200GB HDD ... Több... »

Jun 20th We are now accepting more Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Monero, Dash and more

We are pleased to announce, that as addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin, we are now accepting more Cryptocurrencies for our services: Ethereum ETH, Ether Classic, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Monero, Dash, ZCash, Postcoin, Peercoin, Vertcoin and GameCredits!

You  can order our services here: https://www.cinfu.com/