KVM over IP

KVM (Keyboard + Mouse + Video) over IP device gives you ability to access your remote dedicated server on the Internet, even when your server “crashed” and you cannot access your dedicated server in the other ways.

KVM over IP device emulates keyboard, monitor, and mouse devices, as well as virtual media (virtual CD in .iso or other formats and etc.) accessable through network. So, a simple web browser connected to the KVM can fully manage, reboot, turn on and turn off your server, configure server even at the BIOS level. With KVM you can monitor server console messages on the screen, or login to the server via the console as if you are physically at the server. Also, you can remotely connect virtual media (eg CD or DVD image files in .iso or other formats) and remotelly install any Operating System, boot and run Live CD/Rescue CD for OS repair, or copy files. To the server, this virtual media device looks as ordinary, external CD/DVD drive connected via USB.
KVM over IP device allows you to control and setup your dedicated server in much the same way as physical access to the same server.

KVM over IP device we provide for free to all of our U.S. based Dedicated Servers!

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